Thursday, June 30, 2011


Tonight we had a first, and of course it had to do with Trouble. Typically at night, my husband puts Trouble to bed. He goes to bed before the others, because he needs the sleep, and because we need the relief of him being contained in his crib. Tonight, I put him to bed. My husband was doing some yard work, so I took care of bedtime. When I put Trouble to bed, he was not happy. He knew his sister and brother were still up. But, he went down ok because he was tired from playing outside all day.

Princess and Pirate were ready for bed, watching some shows in the family room, and I was feeding Donkey his bed time bottle. All of a sudden, I hear Trouble screaming at the top of his lungs. It wasn't his normal complaining cry, where he just wants to get back up. I sent Princess up to see if he was OK and to turn on his music for him. She said his leg was stuck in the crib. I laid Donkey in the pack & play, and ran up to see what was wrong. I can't even accurately explain the position Trouble was in. He was on his hands and one knee. His right knee was on the mattress, and his left knee was behind him, stuck in between the bars. And by stuck, I mean stuck. It wouldn't budge for me. I pulled from the inside. I pushed from the outside. It wouldn't move. In my mind I flashed back to Full House (my favorite show as a kid) where DJ was babysitting and the kid got his head stuck in the banister and they used margarine to try to get him out. Instead of breaking out the butter, I ran outside to my husband and he came to the rescue. My sister in law had stopped by, so she helped pry the bars apart a little while my husband pushed Trouble's leg back through. Thankfully he wasn't hurt, just shaken up from being stuck. Also thankfully, the crib wasn't broken - it being the only place Trouble can be contained.

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