Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time for new underwear?

I took Princess out to run some errands after dinner last night. Daddy is the clear favorite in the house, but Princess said it's nice for the girls to spend some time together. We went to the library because she's a major book worm, and made a few other stops. By the time we got home, Trouble was already in bed, and Donkey was having his bedtime bottle. Pirate was in his pj's too, but it was bath night, so I told him he had to take his clothes off.

I said, "Put your jammies on your bed and put your underwear in the hamper. You can wear the same jammies, but need clean underwear after your bath.". Pirate said no, that these were new underwear. I said that he needed clean ones after his bath because he had been wearing the same undies all day. To which Pirate replied, "Mommy, no. These are new undies. I sharted in my Brobie undies while you were out and put them in the hamper. These undies are new after I sharted in the other ones.". I laughed for a good five minutes. He doesn't know what shart stands for, but he does know what it is. While I was bathing him, he tried explaining what happened with the shart, but I needed clarification.

My husband said they were playing in the family room, and all of a sudden, Pirate jumped up and ran up the steps, without saying anything. A few minutes, my husband heard my favorite words, "Daddy, I'm done!". Apparently Pirate didn't quite make it to the bathroom in time, because he had the tiniest bit of poop in his Brobie undies. Thankfully, they are clean again, because they are a favorite, right up there with the Toy Story undies.

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