Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours

A few weeks ago, I was excited to go on a field trip with Princess's class. I usually can't volunteer for things at school due to the Fab Four, but this time I had a babysitter for the boys so I could go. As our family luck would have it, two days before the field trip, Trouble started with a fever. Nothing too high, but enough to have him kind of out of it for the day. Tuesday he seemed better, and was running around like normal. Wednesday was the field trip, and he was fine. It's never easy to leave the house, with or without kids. When there's a babysitter here, I have almost as much prep to do as when we all go out together. My dad came to babysit, and I was on my way to meet the school bus. It was pouring down rain, and we were supposed to have lunch at a park on our way back from the theater. In the end, the field trip was nice, and everyone had a good time. Even better, Trouble and the rest of the gang stayed healthy while my dad was here.

My sister came over for dinner that night. After dinner, my husband took Trouble out with him to run to the store. They stopped and brought milkshakes back for everyone. My husband said that Trouble almost fell asleep in the car on the way back. While we were all sitting at the table with our milkshakes, my sister kept trying to make Trouble laugh, but he was in this crazy daze. He looked like he was going to fall asleep at the table. Hubby took him upstairs to get him ready for bed. The next thing I know, Hubby calls me to the steps and says my sister should go home. Trouble just barfed all over the place while he was getting him ready for bed. My sister was 4 months pregnant at the time, and my husband didn't want her to catch anything from the puke. She said she was already all up in Trouble's face, so she was already exposed to whatever he had. She was trying to help me since Donkey was screaming in the pack & play, and Princess and Pirate had to get ready for bed. I had given her a bunch of baby stuff that day, so I just helped her load her car and told her to go. I had to let Donkey cry for a few minutes while I got the other two in bed. Hubby gave Trouble a bath and sat with him on our bed, with a trash can nearby.

Once the kids were settled, I fed Donkey. We had just switched to Medium Flow nipples for his bottles. All of my kids always took a few feedings to adjust from one flow to another. Donkey took the bottle with no problems, and burped, so he was good to go. I took him upstairs and put him in the swing so I could clean up, make lunches, set the coffee, and the rest of my night time chores. (I call them chores, but it's just life.) My husband came downstairs once Trouble fell asleep but had to get back upstairs just in case Trouble woke up puking. I told him I was almost done in the kitchen, and I was going to take Donkey downstairs to rock him to sleep. I heard Donkey cough, looked out into the living room, and he was just swinging away, smiling at the little frog on his swing.

I finished what I was doing, and went to pick him up to take him downstairs. I turned off the swing and went to unbuckle him, but the buckle was wet. He was wet. No, he was soaked, clothes, socks, hair, everything. The swing was soaked. What the hell? Did he pee through his diaper? Impossible. Then I saw spit up on the rug under the swing, and on the floor in front of that rug. Oh my God! He projectile spit up, and the swing made it projectile even further than normal! Emergency bath, load of laundry, scrubbing of the carpet and floor, and we were back in business. That was just one of those nights where I couldn't wait to get to bed! Thankfully Trouble didn't get sick anymore that night, and was fine the next day. And I made sure not to put Donkey in the swing right after a medium flow bottle.

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