Monday, June 27, 2011

Man Overboard!

Pirate fell in the toilet this morning. He's really good about taking himself to the bathroom, and usually doesn't even tell me he's going #2, until he's done, and I get the "Mommy, I'm done" call. Sometimes I question his pooping timing, like he has to go right when I start feeding the baby, or conveniently as soon as I say it's time to clean up the playroom. Anyway, today he went, called me, and I wiped him, same as always. It's still not completely clear to me how this happened though.

He has a Thomas the Tank Engine potty seat that goes on top of the regular seat, one of those things so kids don't fall in the toilet. He also puts the stool in front of the toilet I guess as a footrest and to help him get onto the toilet without a problem. When he's done, he stands up on the stool and I take the Thomas seat off and put it behind the toilet, then I wipe him and he flushes, etc. Somehow today, I took the seat away before he had turned around for me to wipe him, and he lost his balance. It all happened so fast, and I was right next to him, but all of a sudden, he's in the toilet, with his legs bent over the outside of the bowl, just looking at me with fear in his eyes. He didn't say it, but I could tell he was thinking don't flush me. I fished him out right away, and he was fine, but he did have a little scratch on his back from it hitting the back of the bowl. To add to my stellar parenting moments, I laughed and told Princess all about it as soon as the ordeal was over.

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