Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Potty Training Round 3

We really slacked off on potty training Trouble around the holidays, and even into the new year. But we are back on track, and he's in underwear every day, except at naptime and bedtime. He's had several dry naps and even a few dry overnights. This is very exciting because we really don't want three kids in diapers. Since I am due in less than 3 weeks, I know Trouble will still be in diapers at least when he's sleeping for a while with the other two, but that still beats wearing diapers all the time. Every once in a while he tells us he has to pee, but for the majority of the time, I take him to the potty about every hour. It's working well so far. He has had a few accidents, but that's to be expected.
Here's the problem. He refuses to poop on the potty. I mean, straight up refuses. He freaks out when he has to poop and starts crying and throwing a fit. We have thrown away several pairs of underwear that he has pooped in, mainly because we didn't want to clean them. He's also sneaky and will wait until he gets his diaper on at bedtime to poop. He will go 2-3 days without pooping, then poop 4 times in one day to catch up. Those 4 times in the same day all take place in his underwear or diapers, never the potty. He says he's scared. I guess it is scary to poop sitting down when you're used to standing in a corner pooping. But how can it feel better to have poop smooshed all over your butt than to have it fall into a toilet? I don't get it. For now, we just keep on trying. My only hope is that he's not 12 years old asking for a diaper to poop in after middle school!