Friday, June 24, 2011

My little monkey

One day Donkey had a blowout poop, to the point that it got onto the swing he was sleeping in. How babies sleep in that, I have no idea. I had to wash the fabric part of the swing, and later in the day I went to put the swing back together. All parents know how a baby swing is a necessity.

I was in my living room, which opens right into the dining room, no walls in between or anything. Trouble was being his normal bad self, running in circles and getting into everything. I had my back to the dining room while I was putting the cover on the swing. The second I realized it was quiet, I turned around, and I saw this.
Being the Mother of the Year that I am, I grabbed the camera before removing him from the dining room table. Our table is pretty high, and you can see he is almost reaching the chandelier. When I was hanging the Easter eggs from the chandelier the week before, I felt a little nervous being up that high. But not Trouble. He was walking around the dining room table like it was nothing. Every night at dinner he would point to the eggs and ask for one. I guess at this point, he decided to take things into his own hands... literally.

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