Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A second try

Last night I needed to get out and exercise. Easter was my "rest" day, if you consider trying to take five kids out for Easter resting. You can read about that adventure here. Anyway, after dinner the baby needed to be fed and this guy came to pick up something we sold on Craigslist. My husband was taking care of that, so I had to feed the baby. By the time my husband could take over, it was 7:40 and starting to get dark out. Normally I would have just scrapped going walking and said it was too late. But I decided I really wanted to get out, even if just for 20 minutes. It was partially to get away from the kids, but more because I wanted to exercise. What the hell?? That is not like me at all. I'm not into exercising... Or am I? Even weirder, when I walked out the front door, I found myself wanting to run. I was shocked at myself. So, I walked to my daughter's school and I ran. I didn't really time myself, I counted in my head, but just as something to focus on while I attempted to look normal. Then I walked a little and ran some more, walked and ran. It started to get dark, so I ran toward home, on the actual sidewalk, where people could see me. Every telephone pole was a goal to run to, until I knew I couldn't run anymore. Then I walked the rest of the way home. I was only gone from the house for 20 minutes, but I felt good that I actually went out. And I learned a few lessons while I was out.
1. Wear underwear that fit correctly. What I had on apparently was not running-worthy, and I had a constant wedgie.

2. Find something to cover my ears. Somehow my ear drums were freezing. Not the outer ear, but way down inside was super cold.

3. Make a playlist to pump me up to run. I love Adele so much, but her songs don't go with running.

4. Remember to actually being my iPod when I go out.

5. Consider getting a stopwatch. I might have been a math teacher, but I'm still having trouble trying to count seconds to 90 in my head.

6. Invest in the right type of running clothes. The hooded sweatshirt with the big front pocket didn't work well, especially with my phone bouncing around in there.

7. Accept that I don't look like a real runner. This is not a runner's body. This body has given birth to 5 children and needs a lot of work before it might ever look like a real runner.

8.Wear some socks that fit better. Socks falling sown into the shoes is the equivalent of a wedgie.

I'm pretty sure I thought of other good stuff last night, but this Mommy brain has forgotten already. I'll update as I continue to learn these lessons!

This picture sums up how things go when I "run"!

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