Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorites of the Week


 "I wonder how the monsters get their wieners out to go potty on Monsters Inc." - Pirate

"Trouble, come here and stand next to this big ruler so we can weigh ourselves". - Pirate, standing by the awesome growth chart made for us by the one and only Naptime Decorator. One day he'll know the difference between measuring height and weight.

"Mommy, don't cut my fingernailers and toenailers!"  - Trouble when it was his turn. One of my weekly highlights is cutting 100 fingernails and toenails.

"How will Santa get in our house since we covered the chimney?" - Princess and Pirate simultaneously, upon realizing the wood burning stove was gone, closing off Santa's access to the house. (We're going to leave him a key this year.)

"You come change donkey. He smells like a poopy diaper."  - Trouble, after he busted into Donkey's room and woke him up from his nap.

"Mommy, I'm really, really done. Hurry up!"  - Pirate

"My tummy sure feels hungry for some candy after all that pooping I did." - Pirate

"Mickey!" - Donkey, when he saw him on TV. He has said it before, but I just love seeing how his face lights up when he sees his friends on the screen!

"Mommy said I have stinky feet, but it was her feet she smelled." - Princess explaining to my husband how I accused her when in fact, it was my own feet that I smelled. Curse you, flip-flops!

"Margarita time!" - Me to my husband when he got home from work tonight. I've been dreaming of this time all week.

Other fun happenings

I used three diapers to change 5 once this week. One lost a tab while I was trying to put it on, the next one was used as a shield when he started peeing all over the place, and finally the last one was able to be used. You'd think I was a novice diaper changer!

Swing poop - when 5 pooped while in the swing so it squished all up his back. Made it extra fun to change when the poop was on his onesie that had to be lifted over his head. Needless to say it went straight into the trash. I'm not scrubbing shit off of clothes.

Donkey getting his first black eye. I was literally right next to him when he fell down holding a toy dump truck. His face hit the back of the dump truck and gave him a shiner right under his eye. Seriously, not even two minutes later he fell down again, holding the same truck, and got a fat lip. That toy has been banished.

There is never a dull moment in this house of chaos!

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