Friday, April 20, 2012

Career Day

Pirate had Career Day at school today. We found out about it at the beginning of the month and started talking about different things he might want to be when he grows up. At first he said he doesn't want to be a grown up; he wants to stay a kid forever. He added that he wants to live with us forever. I asked him why he doesn't want to grow up and he said "Because then I'll be too tall and my head will touch the sky". After explaining that people stop growing, he decided "Well, maybe I'll grow up one day.".

We started thinking of different careers he could have. The school tries to keep the kids from choosing Halloween costumes like superheros and wants them to choose some kind of job. The first and obvious choice for Pirate was for him to be a pirate. The boy is obsessed with pirates. He named every part of his costume he would wear. When I asked him what a pirate does, he replied, "Clean the ocean and steal stuff.". We looked some more.

Next, Pirate went through all of the dress ups we own. He thought Optimus Prime would be a good choice. When I said no, he asked about Bumble Bee. Again, I explained that Transformers are awesome, but not really a job he could have one day. I also said no to Batman, Darth Vader, and Spiderman. He totally didn't understand why none of those weren't good professions. He decided he didn't want to be a cowboy (Woody) or a construction worker (Handy Manny).

We talked about some other careers. He has an uncle who is a police officer, and an uncle who is a firefighter. He said those are both cool jobs, but he'd want to be a police officer first, "because they get to have a gun.". Pirate gets very excited when he sees my brother in law in his uniform, especially when he gets a glimpse of his gun. I was also told that firefighters are cool because "They get to use axes". Mental note to remember his obsession with weapons. When I told Pirate that he could wear something of his uncle's to be a police officer (I was thinking hat), he said "Good. I just want to take his gun." I told him guns are not for school and they are not for kids. They are only for grown ups who are police officers. He said that was fine. He just wanted to catch some bad guys and take them to jail.

In the end, he chose to be a chef, like Daddy. He wore a chef hat and an apron and carried a spatula. We had to fill out a little form that went like this:
1. What is your career?  Chef
          2. What type of education do you need for your career?Chef school (Culinary school)
3. What kind of tools do you need for your career? measuring cups, spatula, and cooking stuff
4. Why do you like your career? Because Daddy is a chef. And I like food!

Here's my little chef with his "Spongebob Spatula". I guess we couldn't really get away from characters!

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