Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm on the run... sort of

Last night and the night before I didn't go out walking or running. Combine that with the fact that I've been eating chocolate pretty much nonstop since Easter, and I feel pretty gross. After dinner tonight I sat around for a while and started thinking maybe I would skip going out again. But then for some reason, I realized I wanted and needed to get out of the house. And I wanted to run. Weird.

Before I left, I was smart. I made sure I was wearing non-wedgie underwear (maternity underwear are huge but comfy). I put on socks that aren't ankle cut, because ankle cut give me shoe wedgies. I found my winter headband thingy that covers my ears. I even grabbed a pair of gloves for good measure.

I thought I was prepared, and I was, at least more than the other night. I still need to get some kind of clothes that are better made for running. The sweatshirt is kinda bulky. I came across some more things to keep in mind for next time, and made many observations while I was out tonight.

In addition to my list from my second attempt at running, I need to add a few more necessities.

1. Bring tissues. For now I can stuff them in the pocket of the already bulky sweatshirt. My nose was running like a faucet, and I had to take after my kids and wipe it on my sleeves.

2. Bring chapstick. Mainly because I am an addict and feel the need to put it on every five minutes.

3. Quadruple tie the laces on my shoes. I had them double tied and they still came undone.

So, tonight I walked to Princess's school again, and as soon as I got to the front of it I started running, across the front and around to the side parking lot. I know that people can see me from their houses across the street, and that's ok with me. Having other people see me up close while I'm running terrifies me. I was feeling pretty good, counting in my head while I ran (forgot the iPod again), until I got around the side of the school and saw a car driving out of the back lot. I thought maybe they had just been at the playground and I was safe. But no, I got around the corner, and the parking lot was filled with cars. "Shit, people might see me!" was my only thought. I turned and ran up through another part of the lot and back around to the front of the school. Then I walked for a few minutes. I checked my phone for the time and decided to run a little more. And I ran for two straight minutes. I know that sounds laughable. Two minutes is nothing. Two minutes of running is f'ing torture (to me). But I did it. And I didn't collapse on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.

After my awesome "run" I went for my normal walk around the neighborhood. Usually when I walk I bring my iPod, and don't pay much attention to things around me. Since I didn't have music tonight, I was more aware of the sounds in the neighborhood. Seriously, everyone around here must have a dog that was in their yard tonight. All I heard the entire time was dogs barking. You know the book "Go, Dog, Go!" where the dogs are in a hurry to get to the dog party? This is what I pictured the dog party sounding like. It was loud. And every house I walked past, the dogs seemed to get louder. And I realized something... I'm afraid of dogs. I'm not really scared of them, more of the thought of them getting loose and attacking me while I'm walking. Then I'd have to run from them, and people might see me run, and it would be ugly. These are all thoughts going through my head while I'm out.

More random thoughts from my walk:

I thought it was creepy that I passed the same guy on two different streets. He might have been out exercising too, but he was wearing jeans. Who does that? I saw him when I first left my house and thought he was kinda weird looking. Once I made it out of the Dog Party, I saw him walking across from me on another street. So I pulled out my phone and pretended to be talking to someone. Because that would keep Jeans from attacking me in the middle of the road.

Why aren't there sidewalks all over the neighborhood? The sidewalk just ended in some parts of some of the streets. I feel safer on the sidewalk.

Wow, I just got to watch two ducks take a crap on the grass at the same time.

I also thought about how glad I was to have the headband on because my inner ears were nice and warm.

When I walked back into my house, into the loudness and the chaos, I was glad I went out tonight. I needed the exercise, I needed the practice at running, and I needed to get away from my kids! 

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