Friday, April 13, 2012

Favorites of the Week

This week, like every week, had it's share of funny and gross moments. Here are a few I can actually remember.


 "I only had 6 little turds today!" - Pirate, after calling me to wipe his butt

"My poop is shaped like an ice cream cone!" - Pirate, again after calling me to wipe his butt. (He always inspects his poop.)

"I wish it was just me, Donkey, & 5. The other boys are so annoying." -Princess

"Is it a real bunny or someone in a costume that comes on Easter?" -Princess (Uh-Oh!)


"Look, 5 is a ghost!" - Trouble, upon covering 5 with a blanket, all the way over his head. (I was right there, no need to worry)


  • Finding a turd on the floor after Trouble pooped in his underwear.
  • Noticing poop on my shirt hours after 5 had an explosive poopy diaper.
  • Giving 5 a bath, getting him in fresh clean clothes, and having him promptly spit up all over himself.
  • Watching Trouble show Donkey how to pick his nose.
  • Seeing Princess roll her eyes when I told her she couldn't wear shorts to school because it was 37 degrees that morning. I'm terrified of what I'll be dealing with when she's a teenager.
  • Listening to Trouble sing all the songs he knows, including "Rolling in the Deep" to try to settle down 5 who was crying, and seeing that it worked! (Trouble isn't always so bad!)
I'm sure next week will be just as entertaining!

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