Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day

The Baltimore Orioles had their first game of the season today. My husband was off of work, and my father in law came over to watch the game. They used to go to Opening Day religiously, every year - rain, shine, or snow. Two years ago, I went with them and hung out with my friends. It was a blast! Seriously, so much fun!

Last year, my husband had just gotten a new job, and his first day was Opening Day. This year, since we have a newborn and four other kids, and money is tight (isn't it always?) they decided to stay in and watch the game.

Since the kids were on spring break, I took the older three out for a little while. They don't get out much when I'm the only one home. It's too much to try to get all five in the van! When we got home, my husband was grilling hotdogs and burgers. We had lunch out on the deck, our own version of baseball tailgating. The kids thought it was great! I think my husband even said that it was better than being at the ball park because it was less crowded.

Once we went inside to watch the game, I wished I was downtown at the game instead of watching it in my basement. My kids were so annoying the whole time. The baby wasn't annoying. He just needed to be fed, then he slept the whole time. Donkey would have been fine if it wasn't for Trouble. Trouble kept pushing him down and taking toys away from him. Donkey cried every time. Then Pirate and Trouble were just obnoxious, running back and forth in front of the tv, screaming, throwing toys. They all played outside for a while until Princess wanted to come back in. It was a lot to take in while trying to watch a baseball game.

My husband said to me many times that afternoon, "How do you stay home every day? How do you not want to get a full time job just to get away from them?". I wonder the same thing on a daily basis! We decided to start looking for babysitters now for next Opening Day so we don't have to share the day with the kids!

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