Monday, November 21, 2011

A sneaky little nugget

This story is from a while ago, but I just remembered it today. Like I said, there are a lot of stories from the 4 months where I forgot about this blog!
Sometimes when Donkey poops, it's just these little rabbit like turds. You know, like little balls of poop. Other times, it's a major, huge, full -to- the -brim diaper. Trouble and Donkey share a room. Usually they will nap at the same time. And almost every afternoon when they are done their naps, their room smells like poop, to the point that I can smell it before I even open the door. On this particular day, Trouble had a huge poopy diaper that I changed and sent him on his way, to terrorize the other kids. Then I went to change Donkey. He had the little ball turds in his diaper. I cleaned him up, put on diaper cream and a fresh diaper, and we were on our way. I took him downstairs for his afternoon bottle. While I was feeding him, I still smelled poop. I checked his diaper, and it was clean. But I couldn't get over the poop smell. Something was off. I let him finish his diaper and sat him up to burp him. As I was patting his back, I felt it. I felt a lump on his back. I looked down the back of his onesie, and sure enough there was a little tiny turd stuck between his shirt and his back. I was thoroughly grossed out. Apparently when I lifted his butt to put on the new diaper a sneaky little ball turd rolled out of the diaper and into his onesie. So there you have it, the story of the sneaky little nugget.

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