Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Climber

Trouble climbed out of the crib a couple times over the summer. Then he got stuck, and never tried again... until last week. Trouble and Donkey share a room and we have both of their cribs in the room. It's tight, but works. Some might call it cozy. The baby monitor is in their room, and I have the other end in my room and in the living room, so I can hear them on all the floors of the house. I heard them wake up from their naps in the afternoon. It's cute because Trouble talks to Donkey, and Donkey laughs. I went upstairs to get them both out of their cribs. As I was opening the door, I caught Trouble sliding down the outside of his crib. I just looked at him. His response was,"I get outta my tweeb (crib)". I asked why and he said," I needa get outta here.". The next day he didn't climb out, but the following day he did it again. I was in the living room with Princess looking at her school papers, and all of a sudden, Trouble marches down the stairs into the room. Two days later was Saturday. We like to "sleep in" on Saturdays. If we make it to 7:30, it's a good day. Pirate comes in our room every day around 6:45 and starts bugging us about what he can do. He was in our room 5 times that morning. We kept telling him to go back to bed or play quietly in his room. I thought he was coming back in for a 6th time, however, to our surprise, Trouble came walking in our room. We didn't even hear him on the monitor. He quietly snuck out of his crib and came in our room. Needless to say, the top of stairs gate is back up now. Trouble is the same child who opens the front door (deadbolt and all) and goes outside. All we need is him sneaking out of his crib and going outside in the middle of the night. At least he can't open the gate. Have I ever mentioned how different he is from his two older siblings? Every day we pray that Donkey is more like them and not like Trouble!

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