Thursday, November 17, 2011

Potty Talk

I have a sonogram picture that proves Baby 5 is indeed a boy. I showed the kids the pictures I received at my sonogram today. One is a profile shot, so I was pointing out his eye, nose, mouth, hand, back, head. The other picture is of his femur (thigh bone), butt cheek, and scrotum (as the sono tech so gently put it). So, I showed the kids and told them it was his weiner. They must have laughed for 10 minutes. Any time I talked to someone on the phone, they said to tell them we saw the baby's weiner! Apparently it's hilarious. I'm starting to think they were under the assumption that he was fully clothed inside my stomach!
In other news today, Trouble is still learning to use the potty. Yesterday he woke up from his nap totally dry. I had him sit on the potty for almost a half hour until he peed. I knew he would fill his diaper if I took him off, or pee on the floor. Every time he takes a bath, he walks to the same spot in his room and pees on the floor, like an animal. We learned a lesson after three times, so now he sits on the potty after his bath. Slowly, he's learning to use the potty. I can't have three kids in diapers at the same time. He needs to be trained by February!
Another favorite saying I hear a lot lately is "I farted!". I hear this from all three of the older kids. For some reason it strikes me most funny coming from Trouble. Something about a 2 year old announcing his farts is incredibly funny to me!
While we're on the potty talk, I also like that when I change Donkey or Trouble's diapers, the other kids immediately ask how big the poop was, or what color or consistency it was. Clearly this falls back on me. I must talk about their poop more than I realize! Princess takes care of wiping herself, but she does sometimes fill me in on how much she went. Pirate still needs me to wipe him (or he gets poop streaks in his underwear because he doesn't wipe enough). When I wipe him, he inspects the poop in the toilet and lets me know all about it. We're a classy family!

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