Friday, June 15, 2012

An interview with a 4 year old

I read in a magazine the other day how some moms interview their kids at the end of the school year and put their interviews in cute albums to save for the kids when they are grown. I'm going to half-ass this project and type my interview with Pirate in a blog. If my blog still exists when he's an adult, he can read it then.
I just Googled "end of preschool child interviews" and a bunch of different ideas came up. I took questions from a few different sites and sat down with my 4 year old to get some answers. The idea is to do this for both kids, but we'll see if I remember.

An Interview with Pirate - June 2012

What is your name?  Andrew
How old are you?  4 but I'm almost 5
Where do you live? Westminster
What does your house look like? it looks like it is painted white
Who do you live with? Mommy, Daddy, Rei, Evan, Grayson, Landon
What is your mom's name? Amy
How old is she? 32
How much does she weigh? 4
What is her favorite thing to do? feed the babies
What is something she does not like to do? clean the toilets
What does she like to eat? 
What does she like to drink? 
What do you like to do with her?
snuggle with her
What is your dad's name? 
How old is he? 
How much does he weigh? 
What is his favorite thing to do?
 take us for a walk
What is something he does not like to do?  
eat gross stuff
What does he like to eat?  
Corn flakes
What does he like to drink? 
What do you like to do with him?
Play Go Fish
What is your favorite food?  Poptarts
What is a food you do not like to eat? broccoli
Where is your favorite place to eat? 
What do you like to order there?  
turkey sub with no gross olives
What is your favorite color? 
What makes me happy?
  going to the playground
What makes me sad?
not getting new Batman toys
What are you afraid of?  
What is your favorite thing to do?
Go to the pool
What is something you wish for? 
more Playmobil Pirates
Where would you like to visit? 
Disney World
What is your favorite holiday? 
What is your favorite toy? 
What is your favorite animal? 
What is your favorite book?
That Batman book we got at the library
What is your favorite song? 
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
What is your favorite game?
Hide & Seek
What do you want to be when you grow up? a dentist
Who do you love? 
Mommy & Daddy & my whole family
What did you like best about preschool?
Playing with my friends
Who was your best friend? Sawyer
What did you learn at preschool? I learned words
What did you make?  that octopus on the wall
What do you think kindergarten will be like? I don’t know
What are you excited for in big school? Playing on the big playground there
What do you think you will learn there? How to read
What is something new you want to try this year? playing soccer
If you could get only one present this year, what would it be? The musical Jake boat

I'm impressed he knows the right ages for both of us! I love that we both only weigh 4. I'm not sure if that means 4 pounds or if he has another measurement. This interview clearly took place in the morning because he named the foods we had for breakfast. He just had a dentist appointment this week, so now he wants to be a dentist. He usually changes what he wants to be 3-4 times a week. Disney World is a on the "Maybe one day if we hit the lottery or grow a money tree" list of things we'd like to do with the kids one day. And he asks for the musical Jake & The Neverland Pirates ship about 10 times a day. His birthday is in a month, but that boat is expensive, and he'll love it for about 30 seconds. Not sure it's worth it! Anyway, this was a fun thing to do with my little man. Hopefully I can remember to do this with the other kids one day too!
showing off his 2nd lost tooth

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