Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Trouble!

Three years ago, my little 6 pound, 4 ounce ball of Trouble was born. It feels like he's been here forever. There hasn't been a dull moment around here since he was born, that's for sure! Here's his story.

I had my last doctor's appointment with him on June 18. I was 1.5 cm dilated, so I was scheduled for an induction the following Wednesday, June 24. Pirate had been a really big baby and was a week late, so my doctor said we could induce to have Trouble at 39 weeks. I was excited to have a date set, and to know I had a few days left to get ready for the new baby. That Friday, the 19,  while my husband was working, I ran a bunch of errands with Princess and Pirate. I had to drop off Princess's kindergarten papers to her elementary school. I didn't want that hanging over my head with a new baby. We had a nice day together, and my husband got off of work early that evening. He was supposed to work late the rest of the days leading up to the induction, so we took the kids to the playground after dinner and had a nice evening as a family of four. That night we rearranged Princess's room. We put the kids to bed and watched a movie. We stayed up until after midnight, which was unusual for me at that time. I remember going to bed feeling really good about our family day and night.

I woke up around 1:45 to go to the bathroom, not unusual for me at 38+ weeks pregnant. I went back to bed and moved all the pillows around so I was comfortable. Anyone who is or has been pregnant knows how much work it is to try to get comfortable to fall asleep! I finally got comfortable, closed my eyes to go to sleep, and felt it. I felt a sharp pain go across my stomach, and felt the tiniest bit of liquid come out of me. For a split second I thought I peed myself. Then I said, "Oh shit, not now.". I was terrified. I woke Buster up and said. "I think my water just broke.". I'll never forget the way he jumped up out of bed! I ran back to the bathroom and started shaking like crazy. I called my Dr.'s office, which was obviously closed, to get the message that he was on vacation and to call his backup in case of an emergency. I called this other doctor, who I had never met, and he told me to go to the hospital. He said if my water had broken (I still wasn't sure) that they would keep me and I'd have a baby that day. If not, they'd send me home. Buster called his sister who lives down the street, and she came over to sit with the kids until my dad could get here. I called my mom to let her know, then my dad to get him to come stay with the kids. I had to stuff a hand towel into my underwear because water kept leaking out of me. By then I was sure my water had broken. I threw a few more things into my bag (which had been packed for weeks), and got the kids' Big Brother and Big Sister shirts out for them to wear to the hospital. I cried as I kissed them goodbye in their sleep.

I was shaking uncontrollably in the car on the way to the hospital. I was totally nervous and scared about delivery. Princess and Pirate had both been harder deliveries, and I needed the vacuum with both of them. I was scared of that happening again. We walked into my hospital room at 3am. At 3:30, the house doctor checked and said my water had broken, and I was at 3cm. It set in that I was having a baby. Contractions started coming every 5 minutes. I got my epidural (Seriously...the inventor of the epidural is amazing) at 7:30.  I got to have a little nap in the hospital. By 10:45, I knew things were starting to happen. At 10:55 I told Buster to get the nurse because I had to push. She checked me, and it was time to push. In my mind, I thought I'd be pushing for 1-2 hours like with the other 2 kids. Amazingly, I pushed through 4 contractions, and Evan was born at 11:08am! He weighed 6lb, 4oz, and was 20 inches long. It was so amazing to have him so quickly. Pirate had been 8lb, 9oz, and had paved the way for all subsequent babies. They all seemed to fly out after that!  Princess and Pirate came to visit that afternoon, and loved their brother right away. The next day was Father's Day, and Buster was officially a father of three. 
June 20, 2009

When he turned one, I was a little sad that my youngest baby wasn't exactly a baby anymore. We found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant with Donkey. We celebrated his first birthday the way all first birthdays are celebrated - with the birthday boy having no clue what's going on and crying because so many people are staring at him!
June 20, 2010

When he turned two, we went to a bouncy place at the mall with friends. He was terrified of the inflatables, and spent his time on the sliding board. Later that day I took him to the playground where he was more comfortable. Because Trouble and Pirate's birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, they share a birthday party. He was much more comfortable at his party last year.
June 20, 2011

This year, he is.. well, he's Trouble. We went to a party at a bouncy place this weekend, and he was a wild man with no fear of anything. Unfortunately, today is about 2 million degrees out, so instead of me dragging all 5 kids anywhere in the heat, we're staying home and playing in the baby pool. My husband is getting off work early and taking Trouble out somewhere special later. Sunday we're having a party for the boys, and I know Trouble will be very excited. He still doesn't totally get that it's his birthday. Whenever someone has called to say Happy Birthday to him today, he says it back to them. And he keeps asking when we are going to his birthday. I think he means party. So, Happy 3rd Birthday to my wild child, my Trouble, my big boy, my Evan!
June 20, 2012

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  1. So stinkin' cute! Times sure does speed up, doesn't it!