Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorites of the Week


"It's a good thing I didn't have to go to school today because I need to finish the Fire Fly level on my Batman game." - Pirate

Hearing Trouble say "Fucks". Having him repeat it. Then realizing he is saying "Fox" because they are doing 'OX' words on SuperWhy. Maybe I need my hearing checked. Or he needs a Phonics lesson.

Me: "Did you touch the pee that spilled on the floor?" Trouble: "No. I just splashed my foot in it."

Other happenings

Cleaning up the puddle of pee on the bathroom floor when Trouble tried to dump his own potty seat into the toilet.

Taking apart two sofa pillows to find the microscopic pirate swords Trouble hid from Pirate.

Cutting toenails on stinky clammy feet. Seriously one of the grossest Mommy jobs out there.

Cleaning up baby pee and poop when 5 simultaneously did both all over the changing table.

Listening to the fight over fruit snacks: Scooby Doo vs. Cars

Going to Pirate's Mother's Day party. His present says that he loves me for buying him toys and shirts. Works for me.

Aunt Na's Monday

Aunt Na is my sister. Her day on Monday was funnier than anything that happened here this week. Hopefully she doesn't mind me sharing. Here is Aunt Na's Facebook status summing up her Monday:
summary of my day...Went to work in a hat because I tried to save money by dying my own hair and the result was a gorgeous shade of neon yellow, found out that my DNA is MIA b/c the lab had no record of me being there, Nate got sick but I couldn't go home b/c I have no more paid leave, I hit a giant goose on the ride home, yet am so stupid I misidentified it as a swan, paid $250 to "fix" my highlighter head (remember I was trying to save money) and now I have red hair.
I almost peed my pants as she would call me throughout the day telling me about what was going on with her. I also had the pleasure of being on the phone with her when she hit the goose, which she also referred to as a bird, duck, and peacock. In case you're wondering, her son was better that evening, her hair looks great, her DNA was found, and the giant bird is now in birdie heaven.

As always, never a dull moment in this house of chaos!

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