Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Busy Morning

Pirate has always been an early riser. He wakes up early, just about the same time every day, right around 6:15. When he was younger, it was really annoying because we had to get up with him. Now he gets up and goes downstairs with an armful of stuffed animals. He watches tv and plays with his guys. It's great because he doesn't wake anyone up or bother his siblings. Occasionally we're lucky enough to get a "Mommy/Daddy (he alternates), I'm done!" around 6:30 am to start the day with him. He also gets himself dressed on the mornings he has school. On non-school days, he makes sure he tells everyone he can stay in his jammies longer because he doesn't have to go anywhere.Lately, Princess has also been getting up early. She gets herself ready for school, makes herself a bowl of cereal, and gets her things together for school. She just started doing this within the past two weeks, and I am LOVING it! She's the easiest of the five, but just having one less kid to dress and feed makes the mornings that much easier.

This morning was just a little different than normal because I had a dentist appointment. I know, what better way to start the day, right? My husband worked a super long day yesterday, and my appointment wasn't until 9:15, so I told him to stay in bed until I had to leave. I got up and made myself presentable, which basically includes brushing my hair and putting on a little makeup to try to cover up the circles under my eyes, and got dressed. Then I went downstairs and made breakfast for Pirate and Trouble. Fancy breakfast on the menu today - blueberry PopTarts. If you have incredibly picky eaters and don't want to start the day with a fight, you won't judge me. They went downstairs to play and I took Princess to the bus stop.  Once she was off to school, I brushed Pirate and Trouble's teeth, got Trouble dressed, and got them in the van to take Pirate to school. He was excited because my husband usually takes him to school and I haven't dropped him off in a long time. Trouble wanted to stay at school and naturally threw a fit when he realized he was leaving with me. I took him back home, and woke my husband. My babies who like to sleep in like they're teenagers were waking up, so I changed their diapers and got them dressed. My husband took over with the kids and I left for the dentist.

I was amazingly five minutes early for my appointment. Even more amazing, I was in and out of the office in a half hour. I like going to my dentist because they refer to me as 'Super Mom' which I've said before is one of the greatest compliments! Getting my teeth cleaned is always such a good feeling. However I still don't understand why they talk to me so much while my mouth is hanging open and I can't speak. I guess it's just a weird silence if they don't try to talk to the patients. Anyway, happy to report that I continue to be cavity free!

My dentist office is right next to McDonalds. I was so tempted to pull in the drive-thru and get me a breakfast sandwich. But I knew my husband had to get to work so I refrained. As soon as I walked in the door, he left for work. Normally he picks Pirate up from school, and was still planning on it. But I knew he was already going in to work late and he'd have to leave in an hour to get Pirate, so I said I'd do pickup. Of course this meant taking everyone with me. But really, after the Mother's Day I had, I owe him. Bigtime.

I love when I start a blog one day and can't finish it. I chose watching TV on the couch over blogging last night. I deserved it! I had exactly one hour between getting home from the dentist and getting ready to leave to get Pirate. This was my most productive hour of the day. I put Donkey down for a nap then got to work. I did all the thankless jobs - emptying trash cans & taking out the trash & recycling, sweeping, cleaning crumbs off the table and highchair, emptying and refilling the dishwasher, starting laundry... No fun at all, but had to be done. Then I sprayed for ants around the front door and on the front porch. Immediately after doing so, Trouble walked (barefoot) through the bug spray. We had an unplanned foot washing in the kitchen sink, which led to cleaning the sink, which led to cleaning the counters, etc. Then I looked at the clock and it was time to get everyone ready to go.

Donkey was awake and poopy, of course. After changing him, I put him in the play yard and got 5 up, who of course was also poopy. I'm amazed at how fast I can change a poopy diaper. I hope I get credit for it on a resume one day when I have to go back to work. Then I buckled 5 into his carrier and put shoes on Donkey and Trouble. I took them out and buckled them in the van. After that I got 5 and snapped his carrier into the base. We left for Pirate's school, right around the corner. It literally took me longer to get everyone ready and in the car than it took to get to the preschool. When I got there, the entire parking lot was full. So I parked in a handicap space. I had no choice, plus I knew what I was up against with actually getting into the school. First I unbuckled Trouble and had him wait next to 5. I unbuckled Donkey and carried him around to the other side of the van. Again, whoever thought of automatic sliding doors was a GENIUS! While still holding Donkey on my left side, I unlatched the carrier and slid it onto my right arm, then held Trouble's hand so he could hop out of the van. We walked right up to the school and inside and Pirate was ready to go. Everyone wanted to see the baby and I was embarrassed because I was a sweaty mess from the ordeal of getting in and out of the van. Trouble wanted to stay, but thankfully left without throwing a fit. Back outside, I had all four boys and my right arm was killing me. 5 is heavy by himself, even heavier in the carrier, and even heavier when I also have Donkey in my other arm. Thank God I parked in the handicap spot because it was closest to the school, and I would not have been able to walk any further to the car. Back at the van, I had everyone climb in 5's door and go to their seats before I put the carrier in and shut the door. I climbed in Donkey's side to buckle Trouble and Donkey. By the time I was done, I was sweating my ass off. Did I mention it was like 80 degrees out? I got in the car and blasted the AC and thought how thankful I am that I don't have to do that every day.
When we got home I went through the whole unloading process, just as fun as loading, but with the reward of knowing I don't have to leave the house again. Can you see why I choose to never go anywhere?! It's actually exhausting just to write about it, let alone live it! And I have to do it again tomorrow when my husband goes to Dad's Day at Princess's school. It's a lot of work! I wish I could just rent a person for free to stand in my house for the 10 minutes it takes me to pick him up from school. At least there are only 9 more preschool days left this year. Then I get to do it all again on my own next year when Trouble starts preschool!

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