Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dressing Up

Princess and Pirate share a room. That's what happens when you have four kids in a three bedroom house. Eventually Princess will need her own room, but for now they're young enough that they can share and it's not a huge issue. They have one nightstand in their room, next to Princess's bed. In the drawer, she keeps all of her hair accessories, and her dress up jewelry. We gave away her dress ups about a year ago when they were too small, but the jewelry can be used forever. She dressed up as Fancy Nancy for Favorite book character day at school, and wore most of the beads and bracelets she had.

Pirate loves to dress up. He wears costumes 90% of the time. Let me tell you, there's nothing like being woken up at 6:00am to a miniature Darth Vader standing next to you asking for a Pop Tart. We don't have a ton of boy dress ups. We have a few pirate costumes (obviously), the Toy Story characters, Dark Bader, and Batman. Our dress ups consist of old Halloween costumes. I seriously saw Pirate trying to put on Trouble's Buzz Lightyear costume from last year. It's a size 18 months. Because of the new obsession with Batman, Pirate was trying to put on his own Batman costume from when he himself was 15 months old. It too was a toddler sized costume. Then he had a genius idea (to him). He found Princess's Batgirl costume from the same year. (I love themes for the kids for Halloween). He thought the cape on it was really cool, so he insisted on wearing it. The problem is that the Batgirl costume is a dress. At least he called him self Batman in it. I did buy him a very boyish Batman mask, but it still didn't really make it manly enough since he was continuing to run around in a dress. My husband finally cut the dress part off the costume, so now it looks more like a shirt with a cape. It'll do until we buy a new Batman costume for him.

The other night, I was sitting on Princess's bed with her, combing her hair after her shower. Pirate was going through her drawer looking at all her hair stuff. I think he'd like me to fix his hair too, but it's not possible with a buzz cut. (I do sometimes put barrettes in Trouble's hair because it is longer than Pirate's. My husband doesn't appreciate that at all.) So, we look over at Pirate, and he's decorating himself with Princess's jewelry. I think it's hilarious. I went into my room to talk to my husband, and Pirate walks in, completely covered in the jewelry and headbands. He had 5 neon colored stretchy hair wraps around his forehead, so his eyes were all squished down. Then he had on all of her beaded necklaces, some of them doubled around since they were so long. He had an arm full of silly bandz, and the other arm covered in plastic bangle bracelets. But the icing on the cake? He walked in to stand in front of our full length mirror to put clip-on earrings on his ears. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture! It was seriously priceless. My hubby took Pirate into his room and helped him put everything away, and busted out the Star Wars toys stat. Apparently there needed to be an intervention.

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