Friday, December 2, 2011

A Scary Morning

Trouble is trouble, and we all know it. If you've read this blog before, it's self explanatory why I refer to him as Trouble. He is two, and he is the epitomy of the "Terrible Twos". Here is another example why the name suits him.
This morning he was very loving. He was getting a lot of attention because Princess and Pirate were both at school. Donkey was in the Jumperoo, right next to where I was sitting. Trouble was playing with some toys nearby, but would come over to us occassionally. I was sitting right there as the incident occurred. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a yellow megablock fall to the floor. Immediately Donkey started screaming and hysterically crying. Trouble looked scared. I picked Donkey up and started rocking him to calm him down. I looked at him and couldn't tell where he had been hit. I knew for sure that Trouble hit him with the megablock. Donkey had his head on my shoulder and when I pulled him back again to look at him there was blood pouring down his face. Pouring is probably too strong of a word, but at that exact moment, that's how it looked to me. I started crying and ran upstairs with him to get a towel to stop the bleeding. I couldn't even tell where the blood was coming from. I was in hysterics when I called my husband. Fortunately he only works 10 minutes away and came right home. I was able to stop the bleeding and could see the cut on Donkey's head. It was a little bigger than the tip of a pen. My husband called our pediatrician, and the nurse told us what to look for in the following 6 hours, signs like vomiting, seizures, etc. Once the initial pain wore off, Donkey was acting fine. He was annoyed that I kept wiping his head. In the end, we were lucky because he didn't need the ER, we didn't need 911, and he didn't need stitches or anything. He was fine. But it was still incredibly scary to see an almost 9 month old baby bleeding so much.

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