Friday, August 24, 2012

Excited for School

"I'm SO excited! I can't wait for school to start on Monday! I hope the weekend goes by really fast!"
I had to document this quote from Princess after Open House this afternoon. She's thrilled for a bunch of reasons. Her BFF is in her class. So is her other BFF, and her other one, and her other one. You get the point. Apparently in third grade you get to have lots of best friends. I'm so happy for her! I never had a lot of friends when I was in elementary school. I love that Princess has lots of friends, and that (so far) they haven't hit that age where girls are mean. It was really cute to see all of them hugging each other and talking about how much they missed one another, because, you know, 10 weeks of summer is a long time! She is also excited because her teacher is new to the school and "young and pretty", according to Princess.

Pirate had Kindergarten Orientation last night. His favorite part was the bus ride the kids went on while the parents sat in a meeting. By the time Superchunk goes to elementary school, I will be able to run orientation as well as all back to school nights! Pirate seems excited too. He appeared a little overwhelmed today going back into the school. I think he'll be fine. I'm happy his big sister will be there to help him to his classroom.

So, we're happy and excited for school Monday. I hope this enthusiasm lasts!

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