Monday, July 2, 2012

The L-ers

For some reason, Trouble adds -er to any words that have an L in them. Most words that end in L get -ers added to them. Here are some examples:

"Don't cut my toenail-ers and fingernail-ers!"
"The wheel-er fell off my truck!" followed by "The wheel-er is wet. I put it in the toilet."
"Can we have B L-er T's for dinner?"
"I want to get the mail-er out of the mail-er box!"
"Where is the whale-er?"
"It's not a pail-er, Mommy, it's a bucket."
"Where is the doggy's tail-er?"
"I want the Star Wars towel-er for the pool!"

He cut pool-er back to pool after Princess and Pirate corrected him. They must have gotten tired of hearing about it.

Other funny things that Trouble says are:

It's 39! - He yells this whenever the dryer buzzes when the laundry is done. I have no clue what it means. (Maybe because sometimes I have Princess turn the dryer back on to 40 to run for 40 more minutes. I'm not sure.)
patruder - computer
PSun - Capri Sun
Otay - OK
Et-snooze- me! - Excuse me
Pschool - preschool

For the 'SP' sound, he says 'F'. For example:
finkaler - sprinkler
fit - spit
fot - spot
Fongebob - Spongebob
foon - spoon
fider - spider
Fite - Sprite
faghetti - spaghetti

We work with him to try to fix his mispronunciations. But some are funny. My husband thought it was funny to get him to say 'spagina'. You get the picture.

Having two older kids, I know he will outgrow saying words the wrong way, so I figure I'd try to keep track of some of the funny things he says right now.


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  1. Hi! Following you from the Monday Mingle! I totally feel you about the pronunciations! My son was the same way. Still is in some ways. He'll eventually get it. What's really amazing is how fast they pick up new words and expressions! have a good evening! And feel free to check out my blog!